Best Cooling Weighted Blanket for All Hot Sleepers

Best cooling weighted blankets

You need the best cooling weighted blanket if you struggle to relax at night as a hot sleeper. A weighted blanket gets you feeling hugged and helps relieve anxiety, stress and even soothe aches. As a hot sleeper, the weight can sometimes worsen your comfort, which is why you need to consider one with a cooling effect.

The cooling weighted blanket uses breathable materials such as organic cotton, organic bamboo, down and linen. These materials are great for letting in cool air and also absorbing sweat for better sleep and relaxation.

In this article, we review the best cooling weighted blankets for you. Read on to find which one is best for your sweating, weight, and size.

This Luna is the best cooling weighted blanket for adults. It is available in smaller sizes for children, as well as in different colors. Additionally, it is available in a king size for couples.

It comes with a cover made with organic cotton, while the insides are filled with medical-grade glass beads that help keep the weight equally distributed. The cover is also hypoallergenic, thus suitable for all people.

It is soft-to-the-touch and made with seven layers of cloud-like and breathable fabric, so it has enough air channels to regulate temperature. You can easily handwash the blanket or machine wash it with cold water and gentle soap.

When clean, it best to let it dry outside or tumble dry on low heat. According to Luna, it is best to pick any of their blankets around 10% of your body weight. When it is new, it would also be best to give yourself a few days before your body adjusts to the weight sensation for a calmer, comfortable night.

  • Available in different sizes, weights, and colors
  • Ideal for hot sleepers; it comes with an organic cotton cover that absorbs sweat and lets in cool air
  • Easy to clean; either hand wash or machine wash with cold water and gentle soap
  • Filled with glass beads to prevent saggy corners
  • Soft-to-the-touch
  • Quite affordable
  • It will help you fall asleep faster
  • Color could be different from the advertised picture

This original YnM cooling weighted blanket is ideal for adults and children. It comes with a 7-layer construction that helps it contour to your body for good sleep with less tossing and turning. It also includes more glass beads and less fiber so it can retain shape even after many washes.

The cover is made with 100% soft bamboo viscose fabric, so it is soft-to-the-touch and helps you regulate body temperature during hot summer nights. Its design includes small compartments sewed with refined stitching to prevent the premium glass beads from leaking and corner sagging.

YnM recommends you get a blanket as heavy as 10% of your body weight. This blanket is available in different sizes and weights, and even colors. The cover, apart from being highly breathable, is also hypoallergenic.

It is a weighted blanket that gives the sensation of a hug for calmer sleep. You can hand wash it, or machine wash it with cold water. If you can't hang it outside, you can also tumble dry under low heat. It is also best to keep your AC or fan on during extremely hot nights as the weight could make it hot.

The blanket also comes with interior ties so that you can fit it on a duvet on cold nights. Give your body several days to get used to the blanket, and consult your physician if you have muscle or joint pain.

  • Affordable
  • Comes in different weights, sizes, and colors
  • Ideal for hot sleepers as it features breathable materials to absorb body heat
  • Made with hypoallergenic fiberfill and bamboo cover
  • Contours to your body easily
  • Compatible with a duvet or through blanket on hot nights
  • Can set hot if you don't use a fan or AC unit

The Gravity Z is your best buy as a hot sleeper. It comes with two sides, one with micro-plush and the other with a breathable fabric. You can use it on cold nights, and it would also be sufficient for hot summer nights.

It comes in different sizes for single, queen/ king-sizes. The double-sided temperature-controlling weighted blanket also comes with a removable duvet cover for easy cleaning. The insides of the blanket are filled with glass beads which distribute equal weights. The beads are held in place through precise stitching that ensures no corner sagging.

You can easily fit this weighted Gravity blanket inside your micro-plush duvet cover using ties or buttons. You can remove the duvet cover and toss it in the washing machine when you need to clean it. If you want to clean the blanket, you can only hand wash, and air dry it.

It is your ideal cooling weighted blanket when looking to improve your sleep by using a heavy blanket for a comforting hug-like feeling. You can also find a 10lb throw blanket to use with the blanket on cold nights.

  • Comes with a machine-washable cover
  • Available in king-size for sharing
  • Double-sided
  • Evenly distributed glass beads to trap heat without sagging at the corners
  • Ideal for sleep medication
  • Quite affordable
  • The weighted blanket is not machine washable

This Baloo is one of the best cooling weighted blankets in the market today. It comes with 100% cotton interior filling in different sizes and weights. It also comes in a pebble-white color and is double stitched to ensure the lab-tested, lead-free glass beads do not leak.

It is ideal for a child's bed or when you want to rest on the sofa. It has the best weighted filling to apply calming pressure, thus helping you fall asleep faster and more calmly. The soft, eco-friendly cotton filling also ensures this blanket does not make noise, thus contributing to a better calming effect.

The Baloo weighted blanket is chemical-free, plastic-free, and portable, and easily cleans and dries in a washing machine. It is best not to iron the blanket to maintain the weighted filling. It also comes with six hooks, so you can easily join it to a matching linen duvet cover.

  • Chemical-free and plastic-free
  • Made with premium materials; 100% soft cotton filling and lead-free glass beads
  • Perfect weight to calm you for better sleep
  • Noise-free when you toss and turn
  • The entire blanket is machine washable on the gentle cycle with other whites
  • Fast-drying on low heat
  • A bit costly compared to other weighted blankets

This ZonLi weighted blanket comes with a 100% viscose bamboo cooling material. If you are a hot sleeper, this cooling bamboo weighted blanket will help you stay cool. The blanket is available in different sizes, colors, and weights and comes with six loops to hold a duvet cover.

ZonLi recommends using this blanket with a duvet cover to extend its lifespan. It is easy to clean and also comes in different materials like cotton, bamboo, or others.

The cooling bamboo blanket also uses glass beads inside to distribute the weight evenly. They are kept in place by high-density sewing technology and small compartment design. It comes in a smaller size than your average blankets, and you may require a few days to get used to the weight.

ZonLi does not recommend machine washing this weighted blanket. If you have to clean it, it's best to hand wash it. However, the best option is to use a removable duvet cover of the same size since you can clean it faster in a washing machine. Also, the chosen color may be different from advertising pictures.

  • Best for hot sleepers
  • High-technology stitching to keep glass beads in place
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Easy to choose the perfect blanket weight for you; get one that weighs 6-10% of your body weight
  • Oeko-TEX-certifie

  • Not ideal to machine wash
  • Color could be different from the one advertised

How To Buy the Best Cooling Weighted Blanket

Cooling weighted blankets are ideal for hot sleepers who seek to enjoy a good night's sleep. They offer a hug feeling while also helping bring down the temperatures all night long.

Without the cooling blanket, you would wake up sweaty or wake up chilly after your clothes are soaked in sweat. To remedy this, the comfort-weighted blanket features moisture-wicking materials and guarantee even weight distribution without blocking air circulation to make sure you don't sleep hot.

When looking for the best cooling weighted blanket, these are a few factors you will need to consider.

1. Cover material

You can choose from different cooling cover materials for your weighted blanket. Because of the extra weight these blankets carry, the outer materials or the removable cover should promote ample air circulation. The most common cooling weighted blanket cover materials are;

  1. Cotton. When looking for the best cooling weighted blanket, a breathable cotton cover is one of the best materials you can find. It promotes air movement to lower down temperatures, and it also does not trap heat. As a hot sleeper, cotton is also ideal for absorbing sweat so you can remain cool and dry.
  2. Bamboo. It is a great material for hot sleepers. Bamboo is a renewable choice that also allows ample air circulation within weighted blankets. As an organic material, your cooling bamboo fabric will not cause skin irritation.
  3. Linen. While linen is heavier than other materials like cotton and bamboo, it also offers great breathability. It is also very durable, thus ideal for hot climates that require regular bedding cleaning.
  4. Silk. It is a great material that adjusts to your body temperature. It is also very soft and will; contribute to getting you calmer for better sleep.

2. Filling

When you look for your cool weighted blanket, it is vital to understand what breathable materials are in the inner blanket. Some of the most common fillings include glass beads, cotton, wool, lyocell, and viscose.

Before you buy the best cooling weighted blanket, understand how cooling the filling is and whether it stays in place when turning and tossing and after washing. Most weighted blankets perform better when you handwash them, but that could also mean you get saggy corners as the fillings carry more weight.

3. Weight

According to most cooling blankets manufacturers, the best blanket for you should weigh 10% of your body weight. This is the ideal weight to provide the necessary pressure to calm your muscles so you can fall asleep faster.

However, as you also would like to use the cooling weighted blanket all year round, you can choose the blanket from different weight options as long as the blanket offers cooler sleep.

4. Size

Many weighted blankets do not measure up to your entire bed. It is an important factor to consider. The size guarantees a cozy blanket once you can easily wrap it around your body.

5. Ease of cleaning

While you will love a blanket that absorbs all your sweat at night, you will also need a weighted blanket you can easily wash.

However, because of the beads used in the filling, your manufacturer may advise against machine washing your blanket. Spinning the blanket at high speeds may damage the glass beads, as would using hot water.

Thus, it would be best to buy a cooling weighted blanket with a removable and machine washable cover. If you go for this position, ensure the blanket comes with internal clasps to fix the duvet cover easily.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Cooling Weighted Blankets

a) Do cooling weighted blankets work?

Most cooling weighted blankets use breathable materials that keep you cooler at night. The best cooling weighted blanket also comes with looser weaving to promote better ventilation.

b) Are they costly?

Cooling weighted blankets are not very costly. However, the price depends on the brand, size, and materials used in manufacturing. Also, shipping rates may increase the cost of your blankets.

c) Who should not use a cooling weighted blanket?

Generally, weighted blankets are not ideal for people with certain conditions such as asthma or pulmonary diseases. Additionally, cooling weighted blankets are not safe for small children who may not safely adjust the blankets.

In some cases, cooling weighted blankets may also not be suitable for people prone to muscle or joint pains. It is best to consult your doctor before purchasing one.

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