Best Weighted Aromatherapy Eye Pillow for Instant Sleep

Our eyes directly impact how rested and relax we are every day. After a long and tiring day of work, all we need is relaxation and a good night's sleep. Furthermore, we spend much more time on the screen now than ever before. If there is one thing Covid-19 has taught us, we can do so much more online and spend the whole day glued to our screens and phones. Getting a weighted aromatherapy eye pillow is the best course of action to balance out all these.

There are many instances where you can use an eye pillow other than a sleep mask. For example, the eye pillow comes in handy when traveling or doing your daily yoga practice. In addition, an eye pillow can be of massive help when you have puffy or tired eyes. We will help you find the best-weighted aromatherapy eye pillow but first, what is an eye pillow?

What is an Eye Pillow

As the name suggests, an eye pillow is a tiny pillow that comfortably covers your eyes by giving just the right amount of pressure to be effective. The eye pillow can come in handy during yoga practice when you need to be face down. The extra pampering needs to be just right to keep your eyes relaxed and safe from any harm.

The eyelids have the vagus nerves that can send calming messages down the body over the neck, shoulders, heart and chest, giving the body time to relax. An eye pillow exerts gentle pressure on top of the eyelids stimulating these nerves and giving a relaxing feeling. The eye pillow is light but can be weighted just enough to get the desired results.

An aromatherapy eye pillow stimulates sleeping and gives you the most relaxed one while at it. An aromatherapy eye pillow is an easy way of relaxing your eyes while improving your well-being using nice smells from essential oils and other aroma compounds.

Here are the aromatherapy eye pillows you will wish you got earlier.

Best Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

1) Lotus Weighted Lavender Eye Pillow

Lotus Weighted Lavender Eye Pillow|Sleeping & Meditation Mask|Yoga Eye Pillow |Lavender Aromatherapy...
  • DRIFT OFF TO SLEEP – our Lotus Lavender weighted Eye Pillows for sleeping are filled with...
  • SOOTHES HEADACHES AND SINUS PAIN – Flax seeds deliver gentle pressure to the sinuses and eye area...
  • HEATED EYE MASK – use this microwavable eye pillow to make a warm eye mask compress to relieve...
  • COOLING EYE MASK– the Lotus lavender eye pillow can be used as a cold eye mask compress. Just...
  • YOGA INSTRUCTORS AND SPA THERAPISTS – the Lotus eye pillows organic cotton cover is removable and...

Lotus weighted sleep mask is not only a premium sleep mask but the best meditation asset you can have in your collection. The eye pillow is filled with flax seeds and lavender buds to make it the most relaxing weighted eye pillow you can find. Lavender buds have been used for aromatherapy for centuries, and you can never go wrong with the Lotus eye pillow.

Lotus Weighted Lavender Eye Pillow

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If you have had a long day, the Lotus weighted pillow has a scent that will bring you gentle relaxation through a subtle natural scent that will help you achieve the zen moment anytime you have the mask. The flax seeds apply gentle pressure to the eye area, reducing sinus pain and relieving tension. In addition, the cotton cover absorbs moisture from the skin, reducing any discomfort that may come from sweating during high heat nights.

The eye mask can be heated or frozen, depending on your need. Ultimately, you will end up in a calm mood with a restful night.

  • Soft
  • Cool or heat at will
  • Reduces sinuses
  • Washable cover
  • No strap

2) DreamTime Inner Peace Eye Pillow

DreamTime Inner Peace Eye Pillow, Aromatherapy Lavender, Relaxation Mask for Yoga, Meditation, and...
  • AT HOME SPA: Treat yourself to the luxury and comfort of a spa without leaving home. Soothe your...
  • NATURAL AROMATHERAPY: This eye pillow is filled with long-lasting natural plant herbs and oils for...
  • SOOTHING ACUPRESSURE: Filled with natural flax seeds in addition the aromatherapy herbs, the...
  • COLD THERAPY: For cooling relief, seal in a plastic bag and freeze overnight before use. The cool...
  • MATERIALS AND CARE: The soft, luxurious fabric elevates your experience to absolute bliss. The side...

DreamTime will take you straight to dreamland every time you use the eye pillow. The lavender eye pillow offers natural aromatherapy because of the long-lasting natural plant herbs used in the ingredients. Nothing beats soothing acupressure. Add the aroma to the mix, and you achieve absolute relaxation. DreamTime is great for cold therapy every time you need relief after a long day.


Image Source:

DreamTime weighted sleep mask has a side-zipper to allow you to remove the seeds inside to clean the weighted aromatherapy eye pillow. Anyone with a skincare routine understands how vital pillows are to be clean.

The eye pillow blocks light and is perfect for a great nights sleep. The seeds are evenly distributed to give a soothing feeling all across the face. You will find this eye pillow at a regular price as others, but the quality is mind-blowing. DreamTime is truly your money's worth.

  • Rejuvenates body, mind and spirit.
  • Cold therapy
  • Washable
  • Natural aromatherapy eye pillow
  • Soft and luxurious
  • No hot therapy

3) Asutra Silk Eye Pillow

ASUTRA Silk Eye Pillow for Sleep, Burgundy | Filled w/Lavender & Flax Seeds | Weighted | Meditation...
  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The Asutra Silk Eye Pillow is made of 100% silk and can be used as a sleep...
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  • NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS: This pillow includes ingredients that haven't been tested on animals. We take...
  • FREE SOOTHING EYE GEL MASK: This gel mask can help relieves eye fatigue and feels great on tired...

Asutra is Venus Williams' favorite eye pillow because it helps her maximize her sleep. The eye mask is made of all-natural ingredients and works for yoga, meditation and a sleep mask. The lavender eye pillow has flax seeds inside for a perfect fit over the eyes for a comfortable night. Asutra is a weighted pillow to help relax tired eyes. You can use the pillow for puffy eyes because the weight allows it.

ASUTRA Silk Eye Pillow for Sleep

Image Source:

Asutra is a 100% silk eye pillow. The eye pillow further fits around the nose and completely blocks light for perfect sleep every time you go to bed. It helps Venus Williams get the much-needed sleep.

The mask helps relieve fatigue and delivers the perfect cold therapy for maximum relief. The eye pillow has a major benefit to its users and is not limited to head size. In addition, the eye mask has an adjustable strap for everyone to use it. This feature is helpful for anyone who tosses and turns or anyone in transit.

  • Adjustable strap
  • Cold therapy eye mask
  • It covers the top side of the nose to block out light
  • Improves sleep and general health
  • Frequently bought by professionals like Venus Williams
  • No heat therapy

4) Blissful Being Lavender Eye Pillow

Blissful Being Silk eye pillows and covers
  • SOOTHE TIRED EYES: Fed up with puffy and tired eyes? Get yourself this luxurious eye pillow and...
  • CONFORMS TO YOUR NEEDS: Unlike sleeping masks, this eye wrap rests over your eyes without exerting...
  • CALM BOTH BODY & SOUL: Combining Lavender and Flax Seeds, this eye sleep pillow is here to...
  • CHOOSE ITS PURPOSE: Our eye pillow mask is extremely easy to use and carry along. Ideal for travel...
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Lavender is our favorite aromatherapy ingredient because it has been used for centuries and has shown positive results. Blissful Being puts the lavender eye pillow to good use by coming up with a perfect product. The weighted aromatherapy eye pillow is satin material, perfect for sleeping, yoga and meditation. In addition, the eye mask has amethyst for natural relaxation.

Blissful Being Lavender Eye Pillow

Image Source:

If you want to pamper your tired eyes after a long day's work, Blissful Being is your best option because it conforms to your needs. The pillow rests over your eyes, applying gentle pressure over your eyes. The eye mask has several colors you can choose from if you might have to use it in public. The weighted eye pillow further has flax seeds that will conform to the shape of your face for efficiency. The weight is just right hence the five-star rating on this product.

Customers agree that the perfect eye pillow is one that you can microwave or freeze. Blissful Being is one such pillow that you can use for heat or cold therapy.

  • Comfortable satin material
  • Pampers tired eyes
  • Easy to carry along
  • Perfect for napping
  • No strap

5) Hihealer Eye Pillow

Eye Pillow with Extra Cover Yoga Meditation Accessories Lavender Aromatherapy Weighted Eye Mask for...
  • 【High Quality Materials】This eye mask is filled with long-lasting dried lavender and flax seed....
  • 【UNIQUE DESIGN AND EXTRA COVER】Our eye pillows measures 4x9.5 inches weighs 7oz with breathable...
  • 【A LITTLE SELF MINDFULNESS TIME】The weight of the eye pillow gives a weight touch around eyes...
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Hihealer gives you more than just the bag with the total price when you purchase. You are guaranteed to get a perfect experience and an extra cover for versatility and extended use. If you are in transit, you will not have to worry about washing the original cover, as you can use the extra cover. Hihealer, consider hygiene, and you get professional results for a regular price. Similar items in the same price range do not provide the quality that you will get with Hihealer.

Hihealer Eye Pillow

Image Source:

Hihealer eye mask has long-lasting dried lavender inside to provide a fresh aroma every time you use the sleep mask. The Hihealer eye mask has a breathable cover for maximum results when using the mask. The weighted sleep mask has just enough pressure on your eyes to relax your whole body and stabilize your heart rate for smooth sleep.

If you sit at the desk daily, you will get the relaxation you need from the weight touch around your eyes. The eye mask further helps block more light from reaching your eyes to give you the undisturbed sleep you need.

  • An outer cover you can hand wash
  • Soft material
  • Perfect gift
  • Breathable fabric
  • No adjustable strap

Frequently Asked Questions About Eye Masks

a) What is the Purpose of Freezing the Eye Mask?

You will see suggestions to place the eye mask in the freezer for cold therapy, and you may be wondering what the purpose of that is. However, this hack is one way of getting maximum relaxation if you need one. Cold therapy comes in handy when it is too hot, and you need to cool yourself down a bit. Furthermore, the face is one region that affects the whole body. Have you ever wondered why people feel hot pour water on their face after drinking it? This is an instinct.

The cold mask helps relieve puffy or tired eyes. If you have headaches or migraines, the eye mask will provide relief in no time by providing a soothing feeling. In addition, cold therapy reduces any form of swelling and inflammation in joints. If you have been typing all day, you might feel some strain on the upper part of your body, and the frozen eye mask might be helpful.

You should not worry about the grains lumping together because this will not happen. The fabric will not be stiff either. The best way to get a cold mask is to place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes before using the mask. Applying a cold mask reduces migraines that occur after a long day's work.

b) What About Heating the Eye Masks?

A long day sitting on the screen will make your eyes dry, and that can cause some trouble and pain, especially at night. Heating the eye mask helps relieve a dry eye by reducing the rate of tear evaporation from the eyes. The tear film is stabilized better, and the oil gland functions are improved to slow the tear evaporation. In addition, the moist heat provides a soothing feeling to the eyes, which is all you need after a long day.

When heating the mask, do not use high heat, and ensure you use a microwave-friendly dish. Soon, you will enjoy the benefits of moisturized eyes. Bacteria and debris will be carried away easily when your eyes are not dry.

Getting a mask that can provide hot and cold therapy is your best bet.

c) What Are Some Ways I Can Use the Eye Mask?

Weighted aromatherapy eye pillows come in handy in many instances, and getting one can be one of the best gifts you can get yourself. You go through moments when you need to recharge throughout your day, and the eye masks come in handy for almost all these moments. You can use the eye pillows at the end of your yoga practice session. You can further use the eye mask for savasana. Yoga has a pose called the corpse pose and restorative yoga. Both of these can benefit from the eye mask.

You can use the weighted aromatherapy eye pillow right before you get under a gravity blanket for relaxing sleep to enhance the quality of your sleep. You can place the mask on your face while lying on your back, and the ergonomic shape will take care of the rest. If you prefer a different sleeping position, you can use a down pillow recommended by experts to support the mask. There are masks with adjustable straps that you can use to your advantage.

The masks can help relieve headaches and migraines if you use them for cold therapy. Cooling the mask provides a soothing feeling that helps calm you down and relieve some pains that may result from a long day. There is so much more than the weighted sleep mask can do, including stimulating the nerves on your eyelids to calm you down.

Heat therapy is great for people with dry eyes. This is one way of rehabilitating your eyes every day if you spend a lot of time looking at the screen.

Final Word

The weighted aromatherapy eye pillow is your one-way ticket to a relieving and relaxing experience. If you have a tight schedule that ends with you tired and needing some soothing, then the eye mask is your answer. The eye pillow is more than just a sleeping accessory. You can introduce the pillow to your naps, yoga sessions, sleep time and pain-relieving moments.

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