About Me

Hi there! I’m Eddy, and I want to welcome you to Gentleweight.com

I decided to build this site when I found myself wanting to buy a weighted blanket; there seemed to be no reliable and unbiased resources that had all information I needed before doing so.

In Gentleweight, I hope to lend a helping hand to anyone out there who isn’t sure about what they need (or if it will help them) in regards to weighted clothing and blankets for therapeutic uses, and showcase restorative and benign features of these kinds of products.

Gentleweight’s purpose is to gather every little piece of content in relation to weighted blankets, make it as transparent and complete as possible. Whatever you need to know, we’ve got your back here!

It doesn’t matter where you come from, your condition, or needs; if you feel like the comforting protection and relaxations capabilities of these cozy partners are for you, you’ll certainly know better after checking out GentleWeight.com’s content.

Everything from Asperger’s syndrome sensory integration therapy, to their benefits on elders with Alzheimer or dementia, we’ll make sure you get researched information from verified sources. As well as pointing you in the direction you should go if you are planning to get the perfect weighted blanket for you or your beloved ones.

Again, I’m not a doctor, or a health specialist, not even a blankets manufacturer. I’m just a guy who knows how well it feels to grab a nap under a weighted blanket, and besides that, almost everything else there’s to know about them, just that…

Help your friends and family learn about the amazing benefits of weighted blankets!