Best Blanket for Night Sweats to Keep You Cool All Night

It's a hot summer, and you are trying to sleep, but you only keep tossing and turning even with the air conditioner on. You realize you cannot sleep well throughout the night because of the night sweats, and you still have to rise early to go to school or work. You end up being so sleep-deprived that even your friends and colleagues notice and tell you you could use some sleep. There is a solution to all that; the best blanket for night sweats will wick all the heat and leave you cozy but comfortable to sleep well.

A cooling blanket will help you with the heat as it regulates temperature. Whether it's summertime or you are naturally a hot sleeper, cooling blankets are designed to reduce all that heat and keep you cool, and they are still suitable for use during the cold chilly winter nights.

Night sweats can be caused by different factors such as putting on heavy or many clothes at night, using an extremely heavy blanket, hot flashes, or it can be an effect of certain medications. If you think your night sweats can result from something serious, besides getting the best blanket for night sweats, you may need to consult your physician. Meanwhile, we shall discuss the best cooling blankets, so you see the alternatives available as you work towards getting one for yourself.

Best Blanket for Night Sweats

Elegear cooling blanket is gray and available in three different sizes. Adults can use this, children and babies, as the material is breathable and absorb body heat to leave you cooled even in warm temperatures. This revolutionary cooling blanket is double-sided.

It is designed with Japanese Q-Max 0.4 Ar chill cooling fibers on the top side that reduce body temperature by 2-5 degrees centigrade instantly, and on the bottom side, it is made of 100% cotton. It cools without perspiration which ensures you wake up dry and rested.

This blanket is versatile, and you can use it anywhere; camping, traveling, you can use it for an afternoon nap or whenever you need a comfortable cooling blanket. You can also use it as a throw blanket for a decorative effect.

Caring for this blanket is easy and will not give you any problems. It is machine washable; all you need to do is put it in a laundry net bag to ensure it does not get entangled. This cooling blanket is securely stitched to make it more durable.

  • Works well in all seasons
  • It is versatile
  • It is also hypo-allergenic
  • It is machine washable
  • It wears out fast
  • It is small
  • Losses its cooling effect over time
  • You cannot dry it in the dryer

Degrees of comfort cooling blanket is a grey blanket that comes with two removable covers. One Minky plush cozy heat cover for added heat during winter, and the other one is a CoolMax regular cover for hot sleepers or when it's warm, this means you can use this cooling blanket during any season of the year.

All you need to do is to change the covers appropriately. Both overs have zipper enclosures to keep your maintain your blankets clean. This blanket comes out of the box, ready to use, even without the covers.

Weight is distributed evenly within the blanket using smaller pockets full of premium glass beads. To choose the right blanket, take one that weighs 10% of your total weight. This weighted blanket is seven-layered and is engineered from sturdy materials with fiber stitching to ensure it lasts longer.

  • Soft, breathable, and comfy material
  • It comes with two comforter covers and lets you choose between cool and warm side
  • It is durable
  • Smaller than described
  • Beads may move to the bottom of the pockets to prevent even distribution of weight
  • Quite pricey

Syrinx cooling blanket is made with breathable fabrics. It is suitable for hot sleepers and uses during the hot seasons. It features six layers for optimal breathability and a cooling experience to ensure you get restful sleep.

It is designed with quilting technology that allows the glass beads to be distributed evenly in each pocket, making the blanket more comfortable. This weighted cooling blanket does not make any sounds when you turn, so it assures you of quality undisturbed sleep.

Syrink weighted blanket is suitable for use on all occasions, and you can never go wrong with it. Whether you want to travel, or use it as a blanket on the sofa or bed, even in the guest room, this cooling blanket will always be of service to keep you cool and comfortable.

To keep this blanket clean easily, you can use a duvet cover; also, spot or dry clean and air dry instead of drying. It is a heavy-weighted blanket, and it may take a while before you completely get used to it, therefore be patient while trying it.

  • It is breathable
  • The quality is great
  • It does not collect fur, which is a plus for pet lovers
  • Not safe for children under five years and pregnant women
  • The sizing is not correct
  • Too heavy for some people

If you tend to get hot flashes at night, a Dangtop cooling blanket may be your solution as it is the best blanket for night sweats. It is made with a bamboo fabric that features high specific heat capacity, which will ensure you are cool throughout the night by getting rid of excess heat.

This blanket will also ensure you stay asleep for long, which will lead to quality sleep. Bamboo fiber is a great product with cooling effects, and its use in designing this cooling blanket ensures that the blanket makes you feel cool and comfortable.

Although bamboo can shrink, with the right cleaning procedure, you do not have to worry about shrinkage and retain its size. The cleaning procedure includes washing the blanket by hand or machine and hanging it vertically on the clothes hanger in a well-ventilated space. Do not dry it in the sun to avoid shrinkage.

Dangtop cooling blanket is suitable for use indoors and outdoors, for lounging on the couch, as a pet blanket, during a trip, and even on hot summer nights. You can also use it on cold winter nights with your thick comforter for extra heat.

  • It is very soft and comfortable
  • It is a lightweight blanket
  • Strict cleaning instructions
  • Queen size does not fit a queen size bed

Marchpower cooling blanket is available in different sizes, hence suitable for different people's needs, including your children. It means that you can use it on the couch as a throw blanket, for camping, and even in your bedroom or the guestroom.

One of the sides is made of the Japanese Arc-Chill cooling fiber, which makes it perfect for reducing night sweats and for people with heat rashes. Another side is made with 100% cotton, which is breathable and soft.

This blanket cools the body by absorbing the heat, transferring the sweat from your skin, and evaporating it, keeping you cool through the night. This blanket will lower your body temperature by 2 to 5 degrees which will help you avoid the air conditioner at night.

These cooling blankets are suitable for your pets, baby, and even if you have sensitive skin, it does not cause irritations. It is easy to clean and will only require you to put it in a laundry bag and machine wash. It is made with lightweight material; therefore, it dries quickly. Ensure that you hang it in the shade and not in direct sunlight.

  • It is safe for young children
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Ideal for all seasons
  • It is costly

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Blanket for Night Sweats

Having sleepless nights due to night sweats may be annoying, and the only way to ensure that you sleep well is by making your sleeping environment more comfortable. You can do this by using cooling sheets, turning your air conditioner on, and reducing the layers of clothes you sleep in. This article mainly focuses on cooling blankets. You may need to get a good cooling comforter or a cooling blanket if night sweats don't let you sleep. Therefore, we have researched and selected the best cooling blankets to help you get a solution quickly. However, before you buy a cooling blanket, you may need to consider the following;

a). Materials

When looking for the best cooling blanket, it is important top much attention to the material. Its cooling effect will be highly dependent on the material used to make it. Cooling blankets are made of lightweight materials that allow air to flow through. The material should also be heavy enough to keep you warm when it is cold. The most commonly used materials in making cooling blankets include; cotton, bamboo, polyester, down, silk, and linen. Each material is different and provides different levels of cooling abilities. Therefore, you will need a blanket with high cooling abilities if you are a hot sleeper.

b). Durability

Many cooling blankets are made of durable materials that will stand the test of time. Cotton and linen are very durable and are not likely to wear out quickly if you take good care of them. Most natural fabrics also last and make the blanket durable. It is better to buy a blanket made of strong and durable materials to serve you for the longest time possible and ensure that you do not buy a cooling blanket every three months.

c). Easy to Clean

If you sleep hot or get hot flashes, you sweat a lot, and this means your blanket will not stay clean for long. Therefore, it is advisable to clean it often to avoid using a dirty blanket. It should be easy to clean to make your work easier. To keep the blanket clean for a long time, you can use a duvet cover to protect it. Duvet covers also make them warmer during the cold seasons.

d). Comfort

The best blanket for night sweats should be comfortable to use. It should feel soft and comfortable on your skin. This factor will be highly determined by the materials used to make the blanket. When you shop, put your comfort in mind to buy something that you will enjoy using and not irritate your skin. Different materials used in making cooling blankets, as mentioned earlier, include bamboo, polyester, cotton, and down.

e). Size

Generally, the sizes of most cooling blankets are small. Therefore, if you need a blanket for our queen-sized bed, you may take a bigger size. There are also smaller sizes suitable for use as throw blankets and are also ideal for pets and babies. Check the sizes available and buy what is most suitable for your needs.

Frequently Asked Question About the Best Cooling Blankets

1. What causes night sweats?

Different factors may cause night sweats, including spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, prescribed drugs, pregnancy, and menopause. If you are having night sweats, the first thing you need to do is get rid of whatever may be the cause. If you cannot remove it, you can invest in a cooling blanket for sweat-free sleep.

2. What material is used in a cooling blanket?

Cooling blankets are different and are made with different materials, including synthetic fiber, cotton, and bamboo. These materials ensure that your blanket is efficient in staying cool all night long and keep you warm when it's cold.

3. What kind of glass is in a weighted blanket?

Most weighted blankets are filled with glass beads or fiber. These materials are used to distribute weight evenly and to make it stay in one place as you sleep. This ensures that you stay covered through the night without dropping your blanket due to more weight on one side.

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