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Tactile Defensiveness: How Can Deep Touch Pressure Help?

This is how tactile defensiveness feels

The aversion to non-harmful touch, tactile defensiveness is no fun to handle. People with such hypersensitivity have troubles processing sensory information because of a weak functioning tactile system. They react negatively or adversely to touch, and some may even display escape-like behavior when being hugged, touched, and kissed. Due to this fact, sometimes it’s difficult […]

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Natural Ways to Aid with Autism Treatment

Natural treatments for autism

Alternative medicine or therapies, whole nutrition, and supplementation, have become a great part of our lives and our search for overall wellbeing and optimum health. The same is true in the search for remedies to cure Autism. Though a true cure is still not available, there are great alternatives to adding to the quality of […]

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Understanding Weighted Blanket Therapy: How Does It Work?

Girl covering herself with a blanket

Weighted blanket therapy has been gaining more popularity these days. From anxiety and sleep disorders to autism and sensory processing disorders, weighted therapeutic products boast incredible benefits. The first thing you need to know about weighted blanket therapy, is that there are no real established guidelines for occupational therapists to pick the right weight and […]

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