Gravity Blanket Reviews: Tranquility Weighted Throw Blanket

Tranquility 12lb Weighted Throw Blanket - Gray
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

According to gravity blanket reviews, a gravity blanket is a type of weighted blanket that helps you feel more relaxed and less stressed and, as a result, sleep better. Gravity blankets were initially introduced as a treatment by therapists as a treatment for behavioral disorders. Now, the weighted blanket can be used by anyone looking to relax or fall asleep faster.

As mentioned in some gravity blanket reviews, they offer deep pressure therapy where the pressure from the gravity blanket will increase serotonin, a chemical in our body meant to make users happy, calm, and relaxed. This article will give a blanket review of one of the best-weighted blankets, and Tranquility 12lb Weighted Throw Blanket, in detail with its pros and cons.

Tranquility 12lb Weighted Throw Blanket.

The tranquility-weighted blanket is one of the most friendly-priced weighted blankets on the market, which uses deep pressure touch stimulation to encourage the release of dopamine and serotonin. These two neurotransmitters are usually responsible for blocking pain and making people more relaxed. The pressure will activate the parasympathetic nervous system lowering your heart rate and making you feel calm. Gravity-weighted blankets like this model have been found to have positive effects on sleep disorders, chronic pain, insomnia, ADHD, restless leg syndrome, and anxiety.


Tranquility 12lb gravity blanket is suitable for individuals with a bodyweight of 120 pounds because it is said you should purchase a weighted blanket that is ten percent your own body weight plus a pound or two more. This is an important consideration if you want to gain maximum benefits from your Tranquility gravity weighted blanket. The gravity weighted blanket measures 48-by-72-inches and came in 10-, 12-, and 18-pound options and is not ideal for a queen-size bed.

Notably, people between two weights should opt for the next highest option, but you can choose to pick the next lower weight choice of the weighted blanket sleep product if you have a weak body.

Construction and Material

Tranquility 12lb is a gravity-weighted blanket filled with fine-grade glass beads inside, a sugar-like texture. Therefore, since the glass beads are quite small compared to poly pellets, they sit densely in your gravity blanket and are less bulky than other models filled with other materials.

Also, because the weighted blanket isn't bulky, you can switch between different positions comfortably without experiencing overheating. Because the product is not made of plastic pellets, it does not emit a specific odor when it is unboxed. Also, the beads being slippery contributes to the fill smoothly distributing across the surface of your body, and the glass beads don't make noise as other fill materials.


The hand-wash gravity blanket features an outer cover that features moisture-wicking properties that help to prevent overheating. Each Tranquility gravity blanket removable cover is made fully from polyester and has a smooth texture across the product's surface. The removable cover can be cleaned using a washing machine, making your work easier. The outer cover features 16 detachable ties to ensure the weighted insert is securely connected with no shifting.

Notably, the cover is not necessarily always because one side is a cozy plush fabric while the other is plain polyester which can only allow spot cleaning. You can also purchase a duvet cover to act as a cover and use it on your couch for a cozy feel or your bed.


Unlike most weighted blankets that come with a heavy price tag, Tranquility 12lb gravity weighted blanket costs a fraction of the other models while packing high-quality features. Additionally, the price is really friendly because, unlike most weighted blankets at the same price tag, this model includes a washable cover.

The price of this weighted blanket gravity model does not mean its low quality, and in fact, it's a very high-quality make, just that the polyester may not be ideal for everyone.

Who is the Tranquility weighted blanket made for?

The best-weighted blanket is suitable for a hot sleeper or people having trouble sleeping and also the individuals looking to improve sleep quality into a deep sleep. The cooling blanket is also suitable for teens and adults but is not available in large sizes; therefore, it cannot fit queen, king-size, or XL beds well. According to gravity blanket reviews, the gravity weighted blanket is only usable by one person who sleeps hot and will not experience night sweats. Notably, they should not be used with anyone who cannot freely move beneath the weight or blanket the gravity, even though they can be therapeutic at times.

  • Filled with noise-free micro glass beads instead of plastic
  • It is quite comfortable when you want to switch positions
  • The cover is machine washable and Has an intact fastening system of 16 detachable ties to ensure the fabric is securely connected with no shifting for the best sleep
  • Friendly Price
  • It comes in multiple weight options
  • It does not contain plasticIn all three weights, it offers even weight distribution
  • Ideal for hot sleepers
  • It features a temperature control cover that ensures the temperature is evenly distributed.
  • The liner is durable for lasting durability
  • The inner blanket is not suitable for machine wash and can only be used by one user at a go.
  • The fabric is polyester, and some people don't like it.
  • The internal blanket only comes in the color grey.
  • Poorly gridded stitching and could use an upgraded zipper system.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gravity Blanket Reviews

1. Is Tranquility a good weighted blanket?

Yes, it is. The Tranquility brand makes high-quality and affordably priced gravity-weighted blankets. According to most gravity blanket reviews, it is made well and filled with quilted squares inside with glass beads which won't hold heat compared to plastic beads or poly pellets. This means that because they don't hold heat, Tranquility will act as a cooling weighted blanket underneath all the weight.

2. Can tranquility weighted blankets be machine washed?

No, they cannot be machine washed, which is among the top complaints from most people, but it is not a deal-breaker for other people. You can solve the washing problem by covering your weighted blanket with a duvet cover which you can wash as frequently as you would want to. The other option is to take the whole blanket to a dry cleaner occasionally for cleaning. 

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