Odyssey Blanket Reviews: Machine Washable Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have become a personal favorite in many homes, with more people appreciating the value that a weighted blanket brings to the home. In this article, we'll look at one of the best Odyssey blanket reviews you'll come across on the internet.

Why Get the Odyssey Blanket?

The Odyssey temperature-regulated weighted blanket is designed to suit hot sleepers and anyone else who wants a weighted blanket that they can use all year round. Weighted blankets can provide you with the same benefits as those that you get with deep pressure therapy.

The best-weighted blanket can help you deal with conditions like ADHD, autism, sleep apnea, and anxiety. This is because these best-weighted blankets help calm your restless body, improve sleep troubles, and reduce any feelings of anxiety.

The Odyssey, a 15-pound blanket, is at the top of the best-weighted blankets list. We'll look at the reason for this being the case in a minute.

Odyssey Weighted Blanket Review

The Odyssey weighted blanket is a cotton shell filled with a ceramic bead fill. This allows this blanket to conform closely to your body without accumulating too much heat buildup. This weighted blanket claims to promote a night of restful sleep, and it seems to live up to the expectation.

The entire blanket is designed to have solid weight distribution and temperature regulation. Weighing a solid 15 pounds, this weighted blanket will give you the sensation of being held or hugged. Imagine that. Sleeping in the arms of this cozy weighted blanket as the raindrops gently hit your windows.

1. Construction

The Odyssey weighted blanket is a premium-grade blanket that can put other weighted blankets to shame. The cotton shell is extremely high quality, and the ceramic bead fill will make you understand why weighted blankets promote relaxation.

The breathable cotton shell will give you a moderate level of warmth without making you feel too hot. The ceramic bead fill adds to the weight of this blanket, making it feel like a gravity blanket. You can also use a washing machine when cleaning this heavy blanket.

Let's now look at other factors such as the design, performance, materials, and company policies that make this one of the best-weighted blankets on the market.

2. Materials

The shell of this Odyssey blanket is made of high-quality cotton fabric that is also organic cotton. This material lets air circulate easily and ensures that heat can dissipate quickly and easily. There are non-abrasive ceramic beads that do a better job than plastic pellets or glass beads on the inside of the organic cotton velvet.

These ceramic beads are far more durable than any glass beads can be, even when machine-washed.

3. Pricing

Most weighted blankets lie within the price range of $100 and $300. This makes the Odyssey blanket an affordable option. Expensive weighted blankets exist, but you can be sure that this plush blanket will offer you just as great value.

In addition, this Odyssey comes with a superb offer when you buy several at a time. If you have a family or want to buy a couple of these for you and your spouse, you can take advantage of this offer.

4. Performance

When it comes to performance, several factors come into play here. Some of these factors include warmth, durability, temperature control, fill quality, shell quality, and weight options.

a). Quality of Fill

The Odyssey blanket seems to rank best when it comes to temperature regulation and fill quality. The ceramic beads add enough weight to make this blanket comfortable, but no too much to make it unbearable.

These ceramic beads feel fairly cool, which also improves the temperature regulation of this blanket. These beads also ensure that there is evenly distributed pressure across the cotton cover. Part of this is the reason why these ceramic beads are more durable than glass beads.

b). Quality of Shell

The cotton outer layer contributes to the incredible temperature control quality that this blanket is known for. If you are a hot sleeper or sweat a lot at night, you might enjoy using this weighted blanket as your regular blanket, even on hot summer nights. Say goodbye to having trouble sleeping and night sweats.

However, the downside of this type of shell is that you may have to use this weighted blanket alongside another inner blanket if you are in a cold climate region.

Nonetheless, you can be sure that this organic cotton fabric will not disappoint through quick wear and tear.

c). Temperature Control

This is one of the areas where the Odyssey blanket excels. This weighted blanket is breathable and an excellent option for hot sleepers and those who live in warmer climates.

This blanket doesn't trap heat like most blankets. However, like we mentioned earlier, you may need more heat for those cold nights if you live in cooler climates. Therefore, to keep your body temperature comfortable, you may want to use larger blankets.

d). Distribution of Fill

The ceramic fill is sewn into quilted pockets. This is to help limit the pooling of the beads and ensure consistency of the weights across the blanket.

e). Durability

We've mentioned that the outer cover is made of high-quality cotton that ensures that you get great service for longer. Although this blanket is relatively new to the market, the reviews on durability show that this weighted blanket is at par with its competitors.

However, the jury is still out when it comes to the life span of this weighted blanket.

f). Weight Options

Unfortunately, this weighted blanket only comes in one weight of 15 pounds. According to experts, the best-weighted blanket should not exceed or go below ten percent of your body weight. Therefore, some people may find this blanket heavy, while others may find it too light.

Nonetheless, this blanket is great for many bed sizes, and you can still enjoy the even weight distribution. Avoid using this or any other weighted blanket on a child who's less than two years old, as this can cause complications.

This Odessy blanket is suitable for those who weigh 150 pounds, give or take. You can opt for other weighted blankets if you feel like this one is unsuitable for your comfort.

5. Company Policies

a). Availability and Shipping

When writing this article, you can only get this blanket through the company's official site. Nonetheless, shipping is done within the United States and will cost you less than $10. You can expect your package of this durable and machine-washable blanket within 7-10 business days after placing your order.

b). Warranty

This weighted blanket doesn't come with a warranty policy. Nonetheless, as we mentioned earlier, the material of this blanket is durable, machine washable, and built to last you a long time.

c). Money-Back Guarantee

Although this weighted blanket doesn't have a warranty, you can enjoy the 90-day money-back guarantee that comes with it.

You can return this machine-washable weighted blanket within 90 days and get a full refund. However, note that shipping and handling charges may apply.


Did you enjoy this Odyssey weighted blanket review? We hope that you're now better equipped with the information you need to purchase this Odyssey blanket. Let us know your experience with this blanket

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