Gravity Blanket Reviews: Best Weighted Blanket?

Gravity Blanket: The Weighted Blanket for Sleep | Premium Weighted Blanket with Removable Cover |...
  • Trouble sleeping? Gravity is a premium-grade weighted blanket that uses light weight on the body to...
  • WEIGHTS: Available in 15, 20, and 25lb options; we recommend selecting the one that’s about 10% of...
  • DIMENSIONS: Gravity is sized 72” x 48”, providing a grounding experience for ONE USER at a time....
  • CONSTRUCTION: Exterior duvet cover is made of super soft micro-fleece. Interior weighted blanket is...
  • CARE: Duvet cover is machine washable; internal blanket is hand-wash only.

A weighted blanket is downright exactly what it sounds like. Heavy blankets, typically 15 pounds or more, are filled with weighted insert materials such as poly-plastic pellets, glass, or steel/plastic beads, usually weighing 5-30 pounds. One of the leading brands, Gravity blanket, has a lead on being the market leader, and here are some Gravity blanket reviews.

The theory that supports the upcoming use of most weighted blankets is that the pressure from being under all that weight actually has a calming effect. The pressure from the blanket is thought to make you feel like you’re being swaddled or hugged, and being hugged is quite a powerful stimulus. Being hugged makes you feel more relaxed and secure.

Pressure from the weighted blankets also offers mild restraint, making it harder for you to move around and disturb yourself as you sleep. One popular way to use these weighted blankets is to treat children with disorders such as autism or ADHD.

With the uncertainty and anxiety that's building up in the ongoing pandemic, the silver lining is that more people are becoming more aware and giving more thought to their well-being. As a result, there has been a rise in the uptake of the best weighted blankets, which specialists firmly believe is worth every penny.

Weighted blankets are an efficient remedy that helps improve the sleep quality for the best sleep, enhances overall relaxation, and also helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety. It mostly works anecdotally through a mechanism called the Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS) or deep pressure. DPTS is used to describe the pleasant, cozy feel and warm sensation from various forms of tactile compression, which include swaddling, hugging, and massaging. However, how much weight and pressure people should sleep under this blanket is a personal preference. Many experts, however, advise maintaining an even distribution with a weighted blanket that is about 10% of body weight.

In 2017, Gravity introduced a flagship weighted blanket sleep campaign for the original Gravity Blanket, which had a high uptake, and to date, Gravity blankets remain a popular choice for many shoppers. Here's a closer look at Gravity weighted blankets and various Gravity blanket reviews to help you as you're shopping for the best-weighted blanket available today, with a focus on their flagship Gravity blanket.

Gravity Weighted Blanket

The Gravity weighted blanket is the original Gravity blanket that was redesigned to include premium glass beads. It has an inner blanket that is a cotton shell under a plush microfiber duvet washable cover. The Gravity blanket is highly rated and comes in 4 sizes and weights: 15, 20, 25, and 35 pounds.

Aside from the popular grey option, this blanket also comes in navy blue and white. This high-quality weighted blanket is known to offer many benefits to different kinds of sleepers. It's made with premium materials in construction.

These range from the inner very high-quality cotton shell with a grid stitching to help evenly distribute the glass beads filling weight to the outer cover connected to the shell. Overall, the construction prevents you from shifting around and from feeling calm as you fall asleep.

Since the blanket simulates Deep Pressure Touch (DPT) for a relaxing body-hugging feel which is meant to help you relax, those who usually have trouble falling asleep or even staying asleep may actually benefit from this.

The general idea behind this is that weighted blankets promote serotonin and melatonin levels while also decreasing cortisol levels; generally, this helps reduce stress, anxiety, and tension levels. Consequently, these blankets are often praised by those battling insomnia, anxiety, or Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).

  • It is a reliable option for those who have trouble sleeping.
  • Gravity is a premium quality weighted blanket that uses some light weight on your body to improve sleep quality.
  • It comes in three weights; 15, 20, and 25lbs. A medical professional would recommend selecting the one that’s roughly 10% of the weight of your body.
  • It is sized for one person at a time.
  • The exterior removable cover is made of a super-soft micro-fleece.
  • The interior weighted blanket is made of quality glass beads and cotton, held in place inside the duvet cover by an upgraded zipper system.
  • The gridded stitching on this ensures that the glass beads stay evenly distributed even as you sleep.
  • The duvet cover is conveniently machine washable; while the inner blanket is hand-wash only.
  • They are relatively pricey.
  • They’re quite heavy, making them hard to travel with.
  • They get hot and are not as suited for hot sleepers or people who experience night sweats.
  • The inner blanket cannot be machine washed

Factors to Consider When Picking the Best Weighted Blanket

A) Weight

 The key is choosing one that’s roughly 10% of your overall body weight. In the search for deep sleep, getting a lower weight or higher weight may do more harm than good. On that note, you shouldn’t use this weighted blanket if you are a hot sleeper, have sleep apnea, or snore since anything that's placed on your chest can disrupt the breathing even further.

B) Price

Gravity blankets are competitively priced, with different price ranges that appeal to different shoppers and budgets.

C) Quality of the Fill

From the blanket review, you may have noticed that a Gravity blanket uses high-quality micro glass beads fillings which are environmentally friendly and even hypoallergenic. This means that it is breathable, and the air circulates throughout its interior.

D) Quality of the Shell

It has both an interior and exterior high-quality shell. The internal blanket shell is made of pure soft and breathable cotton, while the outer cover is in a plush polyester microfiber for a minky feel.

Frequently Asked Questions on The Gravity Blanket Reviews

1. What other Gravity products are there?

Gravity offers these other weighted blankets:

a) Gravity Blanket

The original Gravity Blanket is redesigned to include fine-grade glass beads with an interior cotton shell and a plush machine washable microfiber duvet cover.

b) Cooling Weighted Blanket

This Cooling blanket has a similar interior as the Gravity blanket, but instead of the plush microfiber cover, it has a moisture-wicking cover for better temperature control.

c) Modernist x Gravity Cotton Weighted Blanket

This limited-edition designer blanket has a 100% cotton duvet cover with a 300-thread count.

d) Gravity Kids Blanket

This one has smaller dimensions, and a lighter weight, designed for children from the ages 7 + that comes with a Gravity weighted plush toy.

e) Gravity Travel Blanket

This is a smaller 10-pound blanket that also comes with a carrying case that you can use while traveling.

2. How heavy should my weighted blanket be?

As the general rule of thumb, always go for one that suits your needs and your own body weight. For example, the Gravity blanket comes in 15, 20, or 25 pounds and a queen/king size for a queen/king size bed that weighs 35 pounds.

To experience the full benefits of this Deep Pressure Stimulation, you want one that is heavy enough to provide that body-hugging feel which helps reduce stress and tension, to promote relaxation for better sleep.

Help your friends and family learn about the amazing benefits of weighted blankets!
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