Calming Comfort Weighted Blanket Reviews and Features

Throughout your life, you will spend about 26 years sleeping on average. Sleep is a major part of your life, meaning you should get it right every time you go to bed. A quality, more restful sleep is directly affected by the beddings, and more importantly, your blanket. We found the right one just for you. Calming Comfort Weighted blanket will make you feel safe, secure, and fresh and keep your mind and body relaxed. Below are our calming Comfort weighted blanket reviews that you can trust based on the experience of users and quality-based standards that the Calming Comfort company has.

Calming Comfort Weighted Blanket Reviews

Sleep is a basic and vital need. You do not sleep because you enjoy it as a primary reason. Therefore, you need an environment that will help you fall asleep faster during the night or day and that will help you not develop insomnia. Let us review a few features that Calming Comfort weighted blankets have to give you a calm and warm sleeping session.

1. Weight Options

A good blanket should be about 10% of your total body weight. Comfort Weighted blankets included weight options in their products that will cover different people with different body weights. The weighted blanket can be used by kids as well as adults to help them in falling asleep. Calming comfort blankets have four different weight options, including;

  • 10 pounds for people weighing 80 pounds to 125 pounds.
  • 15 pounds for anyone weighing between 125 and 175 pounds.
  • 20 pounds for anyone weighing between 175 to 220 pounds
  • 25 pounds for anyone weighing 225 pounds and above.

The correct weight of the blanket will ensure you get the feeling of being hugged whenever you are snuggled under. Online reviews reveal that this is a favorite feature of the blanket. This feature of the Calming Comfort weighted blanket is good for your health because it promotes the release of oxytocin, which leads to reduced stress levels. The soft nature of the blanket will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy, and your bed will be a safe place where you can spend quality time that is filled with relaxation that every person needs.

2. Comfort

A blanket, apart from the bed, stays in contact with your body through the night. Even if you had a bed partner, the blanket would still be there to provide additional warmth for you both. It is amazing what the body can do when exposed to just the right conditions. Calming Comfort weighted blankets have been made in a manner that understands your body and neural processes.

The Calming Comfort weighted blanket has an evenly distributed weight on your body, applying an even amount of pressure from your head to your toes. The weight leads to a deep touch pressure stimulation that helps regulate your mood and increase relaxation, improving your sleep. The evenly distributed pressure on the Calming Comfort Weighted blanket leads to the production of serotonin and melatonin, which aids in reducing most forms of anxiety. This amazing feature enjoys a good review from anyone who uses Calming Comfort. According to reviews by users, when you go to bed, you will have no trouble sleeping, and you and your loved ones will wake up every day feeling refreshed every time you use Calming Comfort weighted blanket.

3. Precision Stitching

The Calming Comfort weighted blanket has precision stitched squares filled with high-density BPA-free micro beads. The beads are evenly distributed all through the weighted blanket, keeping the temperature consistent and the weight evenly distributed through the blanket. The micro-beads act as weighted fillings, which classify the blankets into their specific weight categories. The beads are smaller than plastic beads, which are used in other blankets. Plastic beads tend to reduce airflow compared to other beads, according to peer reviews and research.

This Calming Comfort weighted blanket review is a testimony given by users who purchase the product on every online shopping site you visit. The product justifiably enjoys a great BBB rating because of the quality of the stitching and weight distribution that comes with the blanket. The Calming Comfort Weighted blanket by Sharper Image will ensure you will not go wrong in your quest for relaxation.

4. Super-Soft Weighted Blankets

According to the reviews online, if it is softness you are looking for, you should spend your money on no other product other than Calming Comfort Weighted blanket. The blanket is made using a super soft velveteen material that has been designed to promote a more relaxed sleep. When purchasing Calming Comfort, you will get a great experience in return. The velveteen shell material is hypoallergenic and is great for use by all family members, including kids. The velveteen fabric, coupled with the micro-beads, enhance the breathable nature of the blanket even further.

5. Machine Washable

Your beddings need to be very clean as that is the one place you spend most of your life in. The Calming Comfort weighted blanket is easy to clean with only a few steps to follow. The blanket can be spot cleaned using warm water and mild detergent. You can dry the blanket by laying it flat in a cool, dry place. Do not bleach, dry clean, or iron. You can always find tricks and tips under the reviews section as well. Prioritize company information when handling the blanket.

6. Calming Comfort Duvet Cover (sold separately)

The Calming Comfort is compatible with a duvet cover, which gives you the option of choosing the design that best matches your room and mood. The duvet cover will ensure your blanket remains as clean as possible, as the cover is easier and faster to clean than the whole blanket. The cover is suitable for a home with kids and pets who will always want to jump on every surface there is. Once you have decided to get the blanket, the cover will come in handy to enhance your experience with the blanket. According to every review online, the Calming Comfort company also sells other accessories, including pillows, alarm clocks, air purifiers, and sleep masks to complete the sleep package, making the company a favorite among users.


a) Weight Difference

If you had a partner who has a weight that largely differs from yours, one of you might end up being uncomfortable if they fall out of the weight bracket of the blanket.

b) Falling Beads

Some reviews show that the beads fall out when there is a leak in the blanket. Ensure no sharp objects find their way to bed. Be careful not to puncture any holes on the bed. This problem, however, is common among weighted blankets.

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