Best Weighted Blanket for Kids for Deeper Sleep

Long before weighted blankets were a cool item to buy if you have insomnia, therapists used them to help autistic children, those struggling with a sensory processing disorder, sleep problems, and issues of self-regulation, and kids with ADHD. It was not a surprise to find them wrapped around tons of blanked, pillows, and hugging stuffed animals. According to occupational therapist Keri Wilmot, the best-weighted blanket for kids offer deep pressure like a massage or a hug, creating a feel-good reaction of comfort and calmness. As a result, children find it easier to fall and stay asleep throughout the night.

If you are training your little bunny to sleep alone, or they have newly moved to their room, the best-weighted blanket for kids can help them feel the comfort they used to get from their mom. Like adult mosaic weighted blankets, the kid's version is also made of an extra heavy, thick fabric and filled with glass, plastic, or poly beads to add weight. If used correctly, these blankets have been shown to reduce anxiety, overstimulation, restlessness, and are a perfect sleep aid.

Best Weighted Blankets for Your Child's Body Weight

With over 13,000 glowing reviews on Amazon and a 4.6-star rating, this is the best weighted blanket for kids if not the most stylish weighted blanket. Luna weighted blanket features Luna's innovative, smart design that features medical-grade small glass beads distributed through 7-layers of fabric to keep the weight evenly distributed throughout your body.

This stylish weighted blanket cover is 100 percent ultra-soft cotton with a 300 thread count for extra breathability, temperature control, and comfort. It comes in multiple sizes starting from 5 pounds, so you can get the perfect fit for your child'sweight. The zippered cover is available in a ton of cute colors and patterns to match your child’s room and personality, and it is easy to remove and wash.

  • The blanket provides deep pressure stimulation and dream-like comfort.
  • It is breathable and cool.
  • It’s easy to take care of and machine washable.
  • It comes with eight ties for secure fastening to the duvet cover.
  • There were some instances of beads leaking from the blanket, but the company has rectified the problem with double stitching.

Gravity Store is a powerhouse when it comes to weighted blankets, and this kid's version doesn't disappoint. In fact, it's one of the most thoughtfully designed blankets in their line, with a glass bead blanket surrounded with an outer removable polyester cover. The beaded blanket features gridded stitching to ensure the beads are evenly distributed, and it has internal clasps to keep it securely attached to the cover.

To ensure restful sleep, the blanket weight is 10 pounds which is suitable for 7-year old kids or those that weigh a little more than 100 pounds. The exterior duvet cover is made of ultra-soft microfleece polyester, which is soft on the skin and warm. One of its best qualities is that you can remove the cover and machine wash it, which will help the main blanket last longer.

  • Each Gravity Kids Weighted Blanket comes with a cute weighted puppy dog for extra snuggles.
  • The blanket's outer cover can be machine washed.
  • It’s a very soft and comfortable blanket.
  • The polyester material and the gridded stitching are high quality, so the blanket will serve you for a long time.
  • The inner beaded blanket and the accompanying toy can only be hand-washed or spot cleaned.
  • This blanket gets warm, so it's not the best for kids who sleep hot or sweat at night.

3. Hush Weighted Blanket for Kids

If your kid has trouble falling asleep without cuddling, this Hush weighted blanket for kids will provide the much-needed hug and security to help them fall asleep. The 5 pounds blanket is designed for children between 30 to 80 pounds or under 5 years. For the weight, most weighted blankets feature high-quality glass beads securely stitched inside an extremely soft and durable material.

You can choose between the classic breathable and child-friendly cover with different designs on each side, or the iced cooling cover made of bamboo and cotton to regulate the child's temperature. The stitching on this premium weighted blanket is of superior quality to ensure the glass beads don't leak out. Though it comes with a duvet cover for protection, the inner weighted blanket is made of a comfortable microfiber material so kids can sleep directly under it too.

  • It is super soft and comfortable.
  • It has a machine-washable duvet cover
  • It's perfect for kids under the age of 5 who are newly experiencing growth pains, separation anxiety
  • Helps your kid fall asleep faster
  • Hush-weighted blankets are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and odorless.
  • The blanket is breathable and very cool, so your child won't wake up at night due to overheating.
  • It’s available in solid child-friendly colors and patterns.
  • There is a 12-pound option for older kids.
  • The inner weighted blanket can only be hand washed.

If you have a hot sleeper on your hands, this ZonLi Weighted Blanket is perfect for them. The blanket is made of 100% cotton, specially designed to promote airflow and wick away moisture. It is a 4-level blanket featuring; a bottom non-glue padding surrounding the beads for maximum comfort, a layer of hypoallergenic, non-toxic, odorless glass beads, two layers of microfiber to prevent movement leakage of the beads, and a top cotton fabric for temperature control.

The blanket also features smaller squares for even weight distribution and high-density sewing technology to secure them in. It is available in 5 pounds, 7 pounds, and 10 pounds weight options, and you can also purchase it in dark grey, cream, navy blue, and brown. ZonLi Kids Weighted Blanket does not come with a duvet cover, but one can be ordered and sent together with the package or separately.

  • It can be machine washed and air-dried.
  • Safety and therapeutic effects for kids with sensory processing disorders
  • It has temperature balancing technology and breathability.
  • The company provides a 30-day full-refund guarantee if you don't like it.
  • It’s perfect for parents who want cozier and thicker blankets for their kids.
  • It has six loops to secure the inner blanket inside a cover.
  • The material is not as durable as advertised, so it's essential to buy a cover for it and avoid machine washing.

This YnM Weighted Blanket for kids is another favorite among parents, and its glowing Amazon reviews say it all. The blanket is 100% cotton with premium glass beads so you know it's weighted and cool at the same time. It is a unique 7-layer blanket designed to contour to the shape of your body for maximum comfort.

One of the unique things about this weighted blanket is that it's made of tiny compartments to ensure the even distribution of the plastic beads and prevent bunching. It also features a three-dimensional lock bead sewing method for zero bead leakage and weight shifting from one compartment to another.

  • The blanket is made of high-quality materials for durability.
  • The inner weighted blanket is made of pure moisture-wicking fabric with a 300 thread count for superior softness and comfort.
  • It comes with a removable and breathable cotton duvet cover or cooling bamboo cover to keep your child cool.
  • It's perfect for little kids moving to their own beds.
  • It's available in grey, pink, and penguin options.
  • It has interior ties to attach the blanket to the cover securely.
  • While the package says that this blanket can be machine-washed, doing so will compromise its integrity.
  • Instead, only use a washing machine for the removable cover.

How do I Choose a Weighted Blanket for my Kid?

When choosing the best-weighted blanket for kids, you have to tick the general recommendations first. To start with, the blanket should be 10% of the child’s body weight plus 1 or 2 pounds. This is to make sure the blanket is not too heavy for the child.

Secondly, it should barely cover the width of the bed. A weighted blanket is not your average blanket that completely covers the mattress and even flows over to the side. If that happens, you can be sure it will keep falling on one side because of the weight.

The cost of the heavy blanket and the color should also matter. Compare and contrast different brands and types until you find one that is in your price range and matching the color theme of your child’s room. That said, here are other considerations to keep in mind.

1. Material

The best-weighted blanket for kids should be soft, odorless, hypoallergenic, and safe. These are qualities that are determined by the material. Our recommendation is to always go with 100% cotton or at least make sure cotton is the dominant one. Not only is organic cotton all those things we have mentioned, it's also breathable and moisture-wicking so the child won't be sweating and overheating in their sleep. The material must also be high quality and durable because you don't want to be buying a weighted blanket every year. Lastly, the material should be easy to take care of and keep clean. If the blanket can't be machine washed, make sure it comes with a cotton duvet cover that you can throw in the wash.

2. Filling

The fillers inside a weighted blanket are what contribute to its weight. The most popular options are plastic pellets, steel shot bead, and micro glass beads, all of which have their pros and cons. For example, your child's pediatrician will tell you that plastic poly pellets are entirely safe, non-toxic, cheap, and safe to toss in your washing machine. Unfortunately, they do not contribute to cooling at all, so you will have a warm weighted blanket. On the other hand, micro glass beads are not so cheap, and most of them are not machine washable, but they make the blanket cool and bearable.

Your choice of filing is a matter of preference and also the budget. However, we recommend choosing weighted blankets with glass beads because they are cooler, and heavier, so the manufacturer doesn't use too many of them.

3. Softness

Even if you choose a polyester or cotton-weighted blanket, it may not be as soft as you want. One of the things you want when looking for the best-weighted blanket for kids is ultra-softness that feels like a mom's hug. If the blanket is rough or ordinary, it won't play its role of soothing the child to sleep. So, how do you know the blanket is soft without touching it? You can check its thread count. Anything over 300 thread count should be cloud-like soft.


While concrete research is still lacking, occupational therapists swear by weighted blankets to help kids with insomnia, hyperactivity, separation anxiety, restlessness, and sensory stimulation. However, even the best-weighted blanket for kids is not a miracle cure to all issues with kids' anxiety and lack of sleep. Sometimes the child may be going through something that needs addressing instead of a blanket. In this case, it is not recommended to force a weighted blanket on anyone, especially if they are not comfortable with it.

Frequently Asked Questions on Weighted Blankets for Kids

1. What age is appropriate for a kid's weighted blanket?

The rule on weighted blankets is that if the child cannot remove the blanket on their own, they should not be using one. This means children under the age of two or who weigh less than 20 pounds should not use a weighted blanket. This is because they don't have the fine motor skills to adjust heavy blankets if they get overheated or if it's constricting their breathing. Of course, this falls under the parent's discretion, so even kids who are three or four years old can be considered too young by the parent.

2. How do you clean a weighted blanket?

As you can imagine, weighted blankets are not easy to clean because of the weight. To make things worse, most of them are not candidates for machine washing because of the pellets inside. The best-weighted blanket for kids however comes with a cover that you can remove and wash as regularly as you would like. This protects the weighted blanket from getting dirty and damaged. If the blanket itself gets dirty, choose to spot clean it or hand wash it to avoid damaging its structural integrity.

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