Weighted Lap Pads: A Heavy Blanket that You Can Carry Around

An old lady with her weighted lap pad

Weighted lap pads are a great sensory tool that helps kids and adults with sensory issues, ADHD and ADD, autism and hyperactivity. Aiding to improve their focus, attention, or ability to relax and calm down. Unlike heavy blankets, weighted lap pads are more versatile and can be used almost everywhere. Find out if this sensory tool […]

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What are Weighted Shoulder Wraps? What are their Healing Benefits?

Woman drinking coffee with her shoulder wrap on

Just like other weighted products, weighted shoulder wraps boast a diversity of benefits. Not only are they great for kids and adults with certain disorders like anxiety, ADHD, and autism, but also for those with super busy lifestyles. Plus, people who travel a lot have actively been acquiring weighted shoulder wraps for the last several […]

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How to Handle Autism Meltdowns and Tantrums

Kid having a meltdown

Dealing with tantrums and meltdowns is a real concern. They can happen any time whether at home, school, the shopping center, on play dates and so on. But it’s important not to confuse one with the other. Though they may seem similar to the untrained eye, I can assure you they are not. What are […]

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Understanding Weighted Blanket Therapy: How Does It Work?

Girl covering herself with a blanket

Weighted blanket therapy has been gaining more popularity these days. From anxiety and sleep disorders to autism and sensory processing disorders, weighted therapeutic products boast incredible benefits. The first thing you need to know about weighted blanket therapy, is that there are no real established guidelines for occupational therapists to pick the right weight and […]

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