Which Weighted Blanket is Best to Buy In 2020?

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If you are considering a weighted product for yourself, a friend, family member or child: Please make sure you are well educated on the right weight to use, and whether use of a weighted product would be safe in your specific situation. If you are at all uncertain, please consult a qualified medical practitioner. Material provided on this site is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for qualified medical advice (more info about that here).

Here's Our Summary of Some of the Top Weighted Blanket Companies

After weeks of research, and hundreds of reviews read, I've looked at huge amounts of information and opinions all over the web. This page shares with you some of the most popular weighted blanket companies around online to save you the legwork of having to go looking yourself! 

Mosaic 486x600

Quality Choice


Mosaic weighted blankets is one of the most well-known providers of weighted blankets in the US. They have a huge range of weighted blanket to meet basically any need of your specific needs; with different styles and sizes for men, women, teens, or children.

Mosaic also have the widest range of covers available, so you're sure to find something that matches your tastes and the decor in your house, at a great price.

They also provide free shipping on all of orders above $150.

Best Luxury Brand - Thousands of 5-Star Reviews!


As the name sounds Luxome  weighted blankets are luxurious! Luxome have refined the traditional concept of waited blankets, only using the best fabrics (including bamboo and minky fabrics) and construction techniques. 

They offer a wide range of blankets in stylish and modern fabric colors, with and without removable covers. They test all of their products at home with their families first and only release them when they're perfect! They also offer a range of cooling blankets.

Because they only sell direct to customer they can provide exceptional quality at affordable prices. And they have 1000s of five star reviews!

For Very Relaxing Sleep

The Cushion Lab

The Cushion Lab has created an all-season blanket that is good for the environment, using recycled ultrasoft minky fabric on one side for colder weather, and breathable organic cotton on the other side for a cooler nights sleep. The inner part of the blanket is lead-free glass beads in an earth friendly microfibre shell.

Their blanket focusses on even weight distribution for maximum effect in soothing the nervous system and releasing natural feel good chemicals like seratonin and melatonin. The blanket also comes with a removable double sided duvet.

If you are looking for a very relaxing night's sleep check out the Cushion Lab's weighted blanket!

Extra Sensory Options Available

Weighted Evolution

All Weighted Evolution  blankets are made from soft bamboo material with removable covers. When you purchase a blanket you will also get the removable duvet, making keeping your blanket clean and fresh much, much easier. Extra duvet covers are available and they come in a range of soft, soothing colors. 

Weighted Evolution also offer a specially made Sensory blanket, which enhances the weighted therapy by adding sensory microfleece dots.

All blankets are made specifically to avoid overheating and discomfort, and are all machine washable and dryable.

Mosaic 486x600

The Most Famous Weighted Blanket

Gravity Blankets

If you've come across weighted blankets before you'll probably have heard of Gravity Blankets due to their very successful kickstarter campaign which raised over 4.7 million from 23,000+ backers. Gravity Blankets makes "The World's  Most Popular Weighted Blanket".

Gravity Blankets are available in navy, grey and white and a wide range of sizes. Check them out to see why they're so popular! 

Best Range For Kids and Special Needs

Fun and Function

Fun and Function  have a huge range of sensory products for kids with special needs. Started by a family of occupational therapists who couldn't find the products they needed and wanted for their own children, Fun and Function grew out of a desire to make the best sensory toys and tools on the planet.

As well as weighted blankets Fun and Function have weighted compression vests, weighted toys and more to help with all your child's sensory needs.

What should you know before buying a weighted blanket?

You might be overloaded with information after all that, so I'll help get it easier. The first thing: for who do you need your blanket for? What's your budget? Will it serve a specific function, like aiding to treat a health condition?

You must ask yourself all of these questions because each blanket manufacturer has strengths and weaknesses, some have a higher price, but your kid might like their design a lot. Or maybe one manufacturer has exactly the kind of blanket you want at a great price, but the height is too short for you.

My suggestion would be to read the details on all of the blankets, and pick 2 or 3 that have everything you think you need, and go check them on Amazon.

You don't need to read all of the reviews (I did that part of the work for you), and I can assure you that those 7 blankets are the best "bang for your buck" in the weighted blanket market right now.

Hopefully I'll find more manufacturers that fit the criteria (which basically means seeing a lot more people loving rather than disliking the blanket).

Final conclusion about buying the best weighted blanket for you

Weighted blankets are awesome, really, I can't say this enough. But they're a bit expensive, and that's the reason why my weighted blanket has been in the bed of my mom, my brother, my girlfriend, and even aunts and cousins.

They don't really want to spend the money in one, but they do enjoy whenever I lend it to them (and sometimes even fight each other to have it, lol)

The point is, weighted blankets can be something almost everyone can enjoy having, and you'll most likely feel really good when you wear it


There's one extra something you need to know before buying your comforter, and it is that it doesn't matter how much research and money you put into getting the best weighted blanket ever for you, or your kid: there's always going to be the chance of it not being totally awesome.

There's always the chance of feeling disappointed by what you bought, you might have underestimated the feeling of the weight, and end up being overwhelmed by it.

Or you might just not feel anything change at all, while wearing it, besides an "uncomfortable" weight on top of you.

We are humans, and we react very differently to stimuli, the blanket is great for people with anxiety, but there's always the chance of making someone even more anxious when he wears it.

And they only real true things about weighted blankets are:

  • They are comforting, and can simulate a big and reaaally long hug.
  • They're going to stimulate your nervous system via deep touch pressure, and probably make you produce serotonin, thus relaxing you and helping you sleep. 
  • They are HEAVY!! If you do get a weight above 10% of your body weight these things will ping you down, and make you feel like you never want to get out of bed/couch/wherever you are chilling.

Last words, if you really do end up buying a weighted blanket, I do hope you (or your loved one) enjoy it, and that you have a very happy and long lasting relationship with your new blanket (just take good care of it, don't wash it a lot, and please, please, don't put it on the dog).

Thanks for reading!

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