Which Weighted Blanket is Best to Buy In 2019? Review Summary

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If you are considering a weighted product for yourself, a friend, family member or child: Please make sure you are well educated on the right weight to use, and whether use of a weighted product would be safe in your specific situation. If you are at all uncertain, please consult a qualified medical practitioner. Material provided on this site is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for qualified medical advice (more info about that here).

After weeks of research, and hundreds of reviews read, I've looked at huge amounts of information and opinions all over the web. And these are the top recommended weighted blankets I chose between when buying mine! 

Mosaic 486x600

Top Quality Choice


Mosaic weighted blankets is one of the most renowned providers of weighted blankets in the US, they have every kind of weighted blanket you may want for your specific needs; with different styles and sizes for men, women, teens, or children.

Everyone can have the exact blanket they need, with a design they like, at a great price.

They also provide free shipping on all of orders above $150.

Top Quality Choice


Harkla is a huge manufacturer of therapeutic products, they have accumulated thousands of happy customers. Over the last few years, they've made quite a name for themselves, even though they're a small and dedicated company.

Harkla's mission is to provide quality products for therapeutical purposes, especially for kids with autism or sensory processing disorders, that require top-quality products to helps them relieve their symptoms, but they're also a great option if you're looking for a high-quality blanket with an amazing texture just to help you sleep.

Harkla's blankets are a bit pricey, but the cost evens out when you notice you're also getting a minky dotted outer cover that can be removed for easy washing.

Also it's great to know that 1% of their sales go to the University of Washington's Autism Clinic, to help with the therapy of autistic children and funding autism-related studies.

Budget Friendly Choice

Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket

This recommendation is a personal one: I bough a Sensory Good's blanket a while ago, and so far it has been almost perfect.

After a couple months, it still looks and feels as good as new, even though I carry it around from my apartment to my mom's house every other week and let her have it.

Sensory Goods don't come with a duvet cover, and this has its advantages and disadvantages, first of all, it's cheaper because it's only one piece, but they managed to deliver a one-piece-item that just feels right. The construction and quality is outstanding for its price.

I ordered a simple 17 Lb large one, and so far it hasn’t even dropped a single glass bead (as far as I've seen) also the texture is amazing. One side is made of a layer of cotton (that can be printed with a cute design if you want to), and the other side is a solid color flannel.

I'm not their only happy client though, you can go and read the story of Joe, a 7 year old with Asperger’s: his mom had no clue about how to make him rest well during the night, for 7 years, she hadn’t had a full night of sleep.

She eventually got him a sensory goods weighted blanket and her boy not only started sleeping well, but also improved his attention span, efficiency and behavior in school, now that's what I call the wonders of feeling rested

Best Weighted Blankets to buy in 2018 
Detailed comparison of features

When choosing the perfect blanket for you, there are several things to consider; quality, durability, function, fabric, fillers, and price. And if you don't know which combinations of these suit you better, and where to find the perfect therapy blanket for you, I'm right here to help you out!

Top 7 weighted blankets we would buy






Prices & Details

Amy Garden


Glass beads

4 colors

Mosaic 486x600

Mosaic Weighted Blankets

Cotton or minky

Plastic poly pellets

Wide array of variations

Platinum Health

Minky and cotton, includes cover

CloudSoft Polyfill™ and Stardust Microbeads™

5 colors


Minky and cotton, includes cover.

Glass beads blended with fluffy cotton

3 color combinations

Zon Li

Cotton or chenille

Plastic poly pellets

More than 15 patterns

Sensory Goods


Glass beads

12 colors


Cotton, minky or flannel covers

Dense sand-sized pellets

2 colors

Amy Garden

Great balance of affordability and quality

Editors rating:


The Amy Garden weighted blanket is a very popular choice. If you want a 100% breathable cotton blanket that is an excellent balance between quality and affordability and comes with great customer service this is a good choice with lots of satisfied customers. It might also be one of the best blankets for hotter climates.

The blankets are manufactured in China, but in speaking to Amy Garden customer support they explained that the blankets are manufactured in a very good working environment. One of the best blankets you will find for its price range.


  • 100% high quality breathable cotton.
  • Budget friendly.
  • 4 sizes and 4 weights.
  • They might offer a discount on the outer cover.

Editor Favorites:

  • Great balance of quality and affordability, one of the best options in its price range.
  • 100% cotton makes them very breathable, great for hotter climates.
  • Cotton means that you won't get an unexpected texture, some people appreciate feeling cotton instead of other fabrics that could be more expensive.

Things to Consider:

  • You may see beads when unpacking, but customer support explains that the loose beads are due to their manufacturing process that might drop a few beads here and there.
  • The inner blanket may be a bit hard to wash. Getting a duvet to go with the blanket is recommended. 
  • If you handle the blanket roughly there may be some weight distribution issues over time, due to stitches moving.


One of the biggest weighted blanket sellers in the US

Editors rating:


Mosaic 486x600
If you want to buy a 1-piece weighted blanket that is both high quality, durable and with amazing designs, then mosaic weighted blankets is probably the way to go.

Laura (Mosaic's owner) has been in the business for quite some time, she suffered from sensory processing disorder (SPD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD), and she knows a thing or two about how weighted blankets can help with the symptoms.

If you're near Austin Texas, you can go for yourself an try their blankets for free! And be really sure if they're the right option for you.  

Even if they're not the most affordable blankets out there, mosaic has been helping people with insomnia, autism and SPD for a long time, and they do know how to make great weighted blankets!


  • 100% high-quality cotton fabric or minky.
  • Completely washable and dryable.
  • Non-toxic, hypo-allergenic poly pellets.

Editor Favorites:

  • It's cotton so it breathes well in hot climates.
  •  Great construction and highly durable.
  • Has amazing designs to fit a lot of different tastes.
  • Delightful customer service

Things to Consider:

  • Might require to have an extra duvet on top to warm you in colder climates.
  • Not a budget friendly option if you're looking for a cheaper blanket without a cover.
  • Poly pellets might sound when moving, so it could be not a great fit for light sleepers.

Platinum Health

Stablished healthcare company with great quality on their products

Editors rating:


Platinum Health has been manufacturing weighted blankets for quite a while now, they do 1-size-1-weight only, and they really do it well.
They claim that their new weighted blanket model is the best in the market, and people seem to back that, with a huge popularity all over the web, and being in the online stores for amazon, etsy, walmart and such for quite a while.

They really want their blankets to look good, not like therapeutical items, and their designs and colors are awesome.

They have minky fabric in one side of outer cover that will feel really soft to your body, and SensaDot™ texture pattern on the other side for fidgetty hands.

(Although they don't say anything about where they produce them, have good info on their website and warehoused products all around the states)


  • 2-part construction, cover included in price.
  • Polyester + cotton fabric.
  • They have a great design.
  • Outer cover is really easy to wash.
  • 30-day warranty.
  • Made to be one of the most durable weighted blankets in the market.

Editor Favorites:

  • Lots of satisfied customers.
  • Everyone says the texture is amazing on both sides, and that the quality of the material can be easily felt.
  • Textured dots on the outer side look and feel great.
  • It's big, your kid won't outgrow the blanket anytime soon.

Things to Consider:

  • Filling can be a bit undistributed, as the inside section often slides all around the blanket.
  • Inside stitches aren’t that strong and it can end up separating the inside from the outer cover.
  • It doesn't breathe very well because of the polyester and the fluffy duvet, probably better for colder climates.
  • 12 Lb and 60"x80" is the only size they have.
  • Some people don't like polyester.


High quality blanket with an emphasis on size and durability

Editors rating:


Buzio's weighted blanket are one of those manufacturers that offer great quality on a steady basis, focusing more in providing well-constructed blankets that are quite durable, and can be tied to the outer cover to avoid it from moving within each other.

They are highly durable, so they're a great choice for adults and playful kids alike.

The only thing that isn't that durable are the inside ties that attach both the outer cover and inner blanket, and if you're not careful enough and move the blanket a lot they might rip, but that doesn't mean the blanket will become useless, just that it might move a bit more inside its cover.

Minky duvet cover has sensory dots, but if you don't like them you can get a flannel cover that feels really soft to the touch.

All that said, many people say this is a great option as a weighted blanket, but it can be quite expensive to some.


  • 100% cotton inner shell.
  • Very small sand-like pellets are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and odorless.
  • High sewing quality to maintain the stitches of the compartments for a long time.
  • 3 different weights on 2 size-configurations.
  • They might offer a discount on the outer cover.
  • 12-month warranty.

Editor Favorites:

  • Sensory dots on the outer side of the minky cover feel amazing and are great for kids or fidgetty fingers.
  • Very breathable if used without the cover
  • If used with a cover and washed less, it can be quite durable according to buyers.
  • Great construction allows it to be more manageable without having to be afraid of damage.

Things to Consider:

  • Even though the cotton is breathable the blanket's construction with the duvet can get a bit too hot.
  • Beads are really small, which can cause distribution issues as stitches aren't perfect all the time.
  • You might see some beads liking.

Zon Li

Very affordable blankets with great quality for people on a budget

Editors rating:


Maybe you thought you wouldn't going to be able to get a 15Lb weighted blanket for less than a $100, right?

Well, Zon Li provides affordable weighted blankets manufactured in China and distributed around the US.

Nevertheless, they have great quality and huge range of diversity; cotton or chenille fabrics, 4 different sizes, more than 16 color combinations and 9 different weights, Zon Li provides a very custom approach to getting the perfect blanket for you.

If you know exactly what you need, and in which size, weight and fabric you want it, then ZonLi is a great option.

They have plenty of satisfied customers that thought they would have a bad experience due to having bought a cheaper option, but it turns out most of the blankets come out to be really good.


  • 100% premium cotton sewn into small squares.
  • Filled with tiny non-toxic plastic pellets.
  • It can be handwashed or washed on a gentle setting, but this might compromise its durability.

Editor Favorites:

  • The cotton fabric and light construction make them one of the coolest weighted blankets in the market. Definitely recommended for hotter climates.
  • A great budget option if you don't need the cover, take good care of it and use it with a soft sheet in between to wash it less. 

Things to Consider:

  • It is recommended to buy a separate outer cover.
  • Durability might be an issue if you don't take good care of the blanket.
  • The pellets can leak a bit, again the cover can help with this.
  • It has some chemical odor. If you're sensitive you might one to leave it in a fresh place for a day after unpacking.
  • The filler can have distribution issues and feel a bit lumpy here and there.

What should you know before buying a weighted blanket?

You might be overloaded with information after all that, so I'll help get it easier. The first thing: for who do you need your blanket for? What's your budget? Will it serve a specific function, like aiding to treat a health condition?

You must ask yourself all of these questions because each blanket manufacturer has strengths and weaknesses, some have a higher price, but your kid might like their design a lot. Or maybe one manufacturer has exactly the kind of blanket you want at a great price, but the height is too short for you.

My suggestion would be to read the details on all of the blankets, and pick 2 or 3 that have everything you think you need, and go check them on Amazon.

You don't need to read all of the reviews (I did that part of the work for you), and I can assure you that those 7 blankets are the best "bang for your buck" in the weighted blanket market right now.

Hopefully I'll find more manufacturers that fit the criteria (which basically means seeing a lot more people loving rather than disliking the blanket).

Final conclusion about buying the best weighted blanket for you

Weighted blankets are awesome, really, I can't say this enough. But they're a bit expensive, and that's the reason why my weighted blanket has been in the bed of my mom, my brother, my girlfriend, and even aunts and cousins.

They don't really want to spend the money in one, but they do enjoy whenever I lend it to them (and sometimes even fight each other to have it, lol)

The point is, weighted blankets can be something almost everyone can enjoy having, and you'll most likely feel really good when you wear it


There's one extra something you need to know before buying your comforter, and it is that it doesn't matter how much research and money you put into getting the best weighted blanket ever for you, or your kid: there's always going to be the chance of it not being totally awesome.

There's always the chance of feeling disappointed by what you bought, you might have underestimated the feeling of the weight, and end up being overwhelmed by it.

Or you might just not feel anything change at all, while wearing it, besides an "uncomfortable" weight on top of you.

We are humans, and we react very differently to stimuli, the blanket is great for people with anxiety, but there's always the chance of making someone even more anxious when he wears it.

And they only real true things about weighted blankets are:

  • They are comforting, and can simulate a big and reaaally long hug.
  • They're going to stimulate your nervous system via deep touch pressure, and probably make you produce serotonin, thus relaxing you and helping you sleep. 
  • They are HEAVY!! If you do get a weight above 10% of your body weight these things will ping you down, and make you feel like you never want to get out of bed/couch/wherever you are chilling.

Last words, if you really do end up buying a weighted blanket, I do hope you (or your loved one) enjoy it, and that you have a very happy and long lasting relationship with your new blanket (just take good care of it, don't wash it a lot, and please, please, don't put it on the dog).

Thanks for reading!

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